The Rose of SaturnA massive hurricane that is twice the width of Earth

wastewater aerosols and disease (1980)

"And as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention."
Recent picture taken in Gaza.


Take up arms. Do everything possible to make their use unnecessary. There is no such thing as a peaceful insurrection. Weapons are necessary. It’s a question of doing everything possible to make using them unnecessary. An insurrection is more about taking up arms and maintaining an armed presence than it is about armed struggle. We need to distinguish clearly between being armed and the use of arms. Weapons are a constant in revolutionary situations, but their use is infrequent and rarely decisive at key turning points: August 10th 1792, March 18th 1871, October 1917. When power is in the gutter, it’s enough to walk over it.

Because of the distance that separates us from them, weapons have taken on a kind of double character of fascination and disgust that can be overcome only by handling them. An authentic pacifism cannot mean refusing weapons, but only refusing to use them.


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Capricorn Shura 01/12

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Adam Bartos

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